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As the "Where Angels Fear to Tread" 5-part saga continued to run through Green Arrow's title, writer Chuck Dixon and artists Michael Netzer, Jim Aparo, and Rodolfo Damaggio were putting longtime Green Arrow Oliver Queen through his paces - and it got a whole lot worse for the hero, as by issue# 101 Ollie was forced to sacrifice his life.

Oliver Queen had been through a lot lately. After being forced to seemingly kill his best friend Hal Jordan, Ollie was shocked when Hal visited him, alive and as powerful as ever. but it was Hal's news that was the greatest shock for Ollie - it turned out that Ollie's own protege, Connor Hawke, was his son. Not only was Oliver Queen forced to deal with his ever growing family, but he also had to face the menace of a new Force of July, a reunion with his former sidekick Arsenal and a crazed new love interest going by the name of Hyrax.

As Green Arrow uncovered Hyrax's plan to raze the city of Metropolis, he realized he had to take a stance against this environmental extremist. On board a plane with a powerful bomb set to destroy Metropolis, Green Arrow activated a dead man's switch, giving him a choice; he could lose his arm to escape the inevitable explosion, or lose his life altogether. In the end, Oliver Queen chose death, paving the way for Connor to take his place as the new Green Arrow.

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