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A Bloody Deus Ex Machina, Eh?

On the one hand, I can't say I didn't see it coming, and on the other hand, I understand why it had to come. As much as I love Peter Milligan, I would never think of claiming Greek Street to be his finest work, not even in the top five. But, it was a good comic, at least most of the time. Unfortunately, it was doomed from the start. 
I can still remember when the first issue came out, I was so EXCITED! The gorgeous cover from Kako helped but Greek myths always fascinated me in my younger years so I was thrilled by the premise. I read the first issue and I was awed, it was bloody amazing...then I came onto ComicVine and lo and behold, G-Man had even done a video review of it! That's where the excitement ended, the comments were ablaze...with disgust...a lot of people upset about the incest, I was shaking my head at them but alas I fear it is people like that who ban literature in schools...bollocks I say! Graduates are uneducated enough as is.
Anyways, that's a rant for another point here, is there was never really a time where Greek Street seemed to be a hot item, and even I would sometimes feel the characters were getting lost, I mean up until the end there were characters who appeared in almost every issue that were never named. But, somewhere around the tenth issue or so I believe it was, the series began to be steadily improving, I was excited for where Peter Milligan was going, then he threw in the Ajax arc and showed he could do good character stories in this world...and then a cancellation was would be ending at sixteen issues...unlike some of the other writer's whose works were cancelled, Milligan never stood a chance. 
So he had to resort to a deus ex machina, I admit, I don't really treasure this ending but that same feeling is linked to a lot of Vertigo comics that were cancelled before there time. It's a hard task to write an ending before you're done your story. As a writer, I don't know if I could do it... 
I think nothing less of Milligan's writing skills here but I have to say, overall, if you want to check out Milligan or Vertigo there are other comics I could recommend to you that I hold in much higher regard. His current run on Hellblazer for example, which I rave about every month or his Shade, the Changing Man which is one of my favorite comics of all time or Human Target (nothing like the crappy tv show, that's a different comic entirely, protagonist just has the same name) or his Enigma which helped usher in the Vertigo imprint, The Eaters...a good one-shot about a family of cannibals, the list goes this if your a diehard Vertigo or Milligan fan but otherwise I'd say not to.

Posted by Silkcuts

Great review..  I haven't read the book yet.
So I don't know what you mean by "Deus Ex Machina".  I know the word means "God of the Machine" which I believe is greek as well, so nice touch with the name.  But if its a reference to BKV's "EX MACHINA" then I am really confused because I don't see how it compares.  Greek Street was cut short, BKV's was a natural end.
Likely it is reference to the meaning of the word, but since my comic shop sold my copy by accident, they had to reorder it.  So Wednesday earliest I can read this.  I held out on 15 as well, so I can do 15 and 16 together.  I am excited and sad. So much great things wrapped up or will this year.  I don't need to list them many effected me the same way as you.  DARN YOU DC Comics!

Posted by Asymmetrical
@Silkcuts: a deus ex machina is actually what they call the ending in the book as well, not directly but it's inferred based on a conversation earlier in the issue...ever read Jack of Fables? the Literals are characters who personify literary terms and Deus Ex Machina is the name of a character who pops in at the most random time and solves whatever crazy problem is going on in a totally unnatural fashion befitting the rest of the story 
admittedly, you got a hint at the ending last issue...but it was still a deus ex machina, which I believe is why the title of the issue is "Deus"...I don't necessarily think its always a terrible literary device but here I feel it was only used because time was cut short, he had no other choice if he wanted to end it I suppose
Posted by Silkcuts
@aztek the lost:  I get it now, and no I have yet to start JAck.

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