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12 issues past and at 13 there is still so much blood

Greek Street maybe one of the hardest reads out monthly.  That is because it is a Peter Milligan (or PM) book and like an Alan Moore or Grant Morrison book, there is a lot of things going on.  Peter Milligan is one of those comic masters and one that is overlooked since a lot of his work is out of print or just simply rare.
The last Peter Milligan monthly was Human Target.  A series acclaimed and popular enough for it to inspire the Hit Fox TV show. Human Target maybe the best example of the themes Peter Milligan explores.  What is identity?  Is the face we see the person we are?  What is reality? If I can change that face to see does reality Change?  That is pretty deep.
I took me about 13 issues to truly come to that conclusion.  I'll admit, Greek Street was hard to get into.  Its complex.  The Greek allusions, the foreign British atmosphere and the dark world (of Sex, Drugs and mobs) in which I only read about and not experience myself.  This current arc of Ajax makes a nice jump in arc because the characters are easier to relate too.  The Main Character of this issue is a former solider named Alex, now struggling to find his place in "Normal Life".  Alex is a character easier to accept then Eddie from the first two arcs.  If we don't know a solider in real life, we at least know one person who committed so much of their life to their work that when they couldn't work they went crazy.  Alex is that person.
With Alex we see PM crafting a tale exploring his common themes of Identity and Reality.  Was being a solider on the battlefield more real then his life at home with his pregnant wife?  Are archetype stories really the stores history is just going to real tell? Are we just characters in Stories and that is are reality?  
Greek Street is shaping up nicely in this 3rd arc.  This is a good place to help support PM's monthly and worry about the first to arc as trades.  This is the Dark Horse of the Vertigo line.  Not easy to chew on as some other books, but it is shaping out to be a masterpiece.  Trust me this is a good series, if you want to get into something different or be the "first" to be on something great, this is the sleeper Vertigo title.  Get on it!
5/5 Stars
 - Silkcuts

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