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(Threatening Solo) 

Greedo was a very skilled bounty hunter. He got taken out in the bar because he got a little cocky. Han saw his oppurtunity and took it. If Greedo was still around, he would be a very dangerous bounty hunter. After all Rodians are known for being the greatest bounty hunters in the galaxy. 


Greedo Childhood Overview

Greedo was the son of Greedo the Elder. Not knowing, his father was one of the greatest bounty hunters ever known. He grew up with his brother Pqueedwuk, and he never had any connection to his father because he was killed while Greedo was only two years old. Shielded by his mother, Pqueedwuk and Greedo only knew about the jungle they were growing up on. Greedo at age 15 finally saw the thing that killed his father, a violent outrage bringing slaughter to many of the clanspeople, the three fled and escaped the planet and headed to the moon of Nar Shadda, sector 88.

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