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Greed is not a physical being, but is rather a manifestation of one of mankind's biggest vices. Greed represents the want of physical things, or avarice. He takes the form of a tall, silver haired warlord wearing a fur coat and golden jewelry.

In order for him to capture Pandora in a mystical trap, Lord Sinner unleashed his army, The Seven Deadly Sins, on Jerusalem to lure her there. Greed works with the other Sins to cause destruction so Pandora would come. When she did arrive, Greed was one of the first Sins to attack her. Using his magical power along with his sword, greed appeared to have the advantage. However, Pandora knew that each Sin was afflicted with their namesake vice, and used this knowledge against Greed. She offered him a priceless set of golden bracelets if he would promise never to return to her world. Grinning, Greed shook Pandoras hand, and took the golden bracelets away with him.

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