bumpyboo's Great Lies To Tell Small Kids #1 review

Great British Humour

When I was a little girl, I believed everything my parents told me. Unfortunately for me, my parents had a wicked sense of humour. As a result, I believed such classics as:

  • When the ice cream van plays music, that means there's no more ice cream left
  • If you play with your bellybutton, your bum will fall off
  • The world was black and white until somebody invented colour
  • If you lie, your tongue will turn black

If you were ever fed whoppers like these, then this is the book for you. Written by Andy Riley, the creative genius behind The Book Of Bunny Suicides, Great Lies To Tell Small Kids is a delightfully wicked little book. The illustrations are simple and fun, and the lies themselves - including such classics as "Milk feels pain" and "Wine makes Mummy clever" - range from everyday fibs to great, fanciful fabrications.

Don't be fooled by the title, either - at the heart of this collection is a certain fondness for childhood innocence, and a genuine sense of fun.

Posted by lykopis



I love this -- and wow, your parents' words were genius! I picked up the Bunny Suicides Book (the return of the bunny suicides) and grrr -- waiting on this one and its successor.)

Tell me you know about the penguins?

Posted by BumpyBoo

The penguins? I'm intrigued...?

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Posted by lykopis

Here you go. Nothing on here about them, but they're like my guilty pleasure... >_>

Posted by BumpyBoo

That looks amazing! I need it!

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