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The Great Khans are a group of organized raiders who live in the Mojave Wasteland. The Khan's are known for their warrior-like culture, training the men, women, and children in the arts of combat. The current group of Great Khans in the year 2281 are a much less intimidating group compared to what they once were, this is due to the fact that they've been attacked and massacred several time throughout their history, the most recent attempt being the massacre at Bitter Springs by the NCR.

The Great Khans are currently located in the Red Rock Canyon. It is here that they hunt, farm, and create deadly drugs and chems for a group known as the Fiends. The NCR has enforced a ban on the trade of this merchandise, though the Khan's have bribed the vendors to sell it anyways.

The Khans themselves are indifferent to newcomers, though if an outsider becomes disliked by the group as a whole they will not hesitate to attack. Their most common form of attacking is through large War Parties that overwhelm their foes with brute force and intimidation techniques. The Khans are skilled in hand to hand combat as well as armed combat using explosives and firearms. The Khans are not well defended however and only wear crude armor plating on their legs, combined with various strips of leather located around their bodies.

When Benny, leader of the Chairmen, was looking for members to assist him in catching a figure known simply as "The Courier" several members of the Great Khans offered their services. These members were Chance, Jessup, and McMurphy. Eventually the group runs into a band of Fiends, the same group that the Khans supply their deadly merchandise to, and begin brawling. Chance suffers several bullet wounds and severe 3rd degree burns all across his body and dies in the night.

After working with Benny and "killing" the Courier, Jessup and McMurphy retreat to Boulder City, where they re-group with several other unnamed Great Khan members. In danger of being killed by the NCR the Great Khans take several hostages. The fate of these Great Khan Members & NCR members are in the hands of the Courier throughout the events of the game Fallout: New Vegas.

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