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Kamir could turn sneering skeptics into firm believers of the supernatural through a number of amazing feats. He could levitate any chair in the seance room, along with the individual sitting on it. He had no trouble lifting up to three people at once. He could summon apparitions of deceased loved ones and have them speak. He vanished in a cloud of smoke and reappeared, claiming to travel back and forth the spirit world. He would often convince wealthy customers, typically elderly widows, to name him the administrator of their financial affairs. 
Actually he was an inventor. The chairs levitated through the effects of magnetic devices. The apparitions were holograms. The ghostly voices were provided by a modified mike. The cloud of smoke provided cover for Kamir escaping through a hidden trap door. He would then return through the same way. The devices were controlled by his assistant Hugo. Said assistant was provided with room and board. But Kamir was too stingy to even pay for a light bulb for Hugo's room. 
One day Kamir was performing his typical act when the artificial smoke failed to appear and the trap door refused to open. His calling for transportation to the spirit world was answered instead by actual ghosts. They were enraged at his vonstant deception of the living. He was last seen menaced by the ghosts. Meanwhile Hugo was back in his room, suffering from a sprained ankle.

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