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Grease Monkey was the Mechanic's first attempt at making Enginehead.


Grease Monkey was created by Joe Kelly and Ted McKeever for their Enginehead series.

Major Story Arc


Grease Monkey has been the Mechanic's assistant for some time, and after saving Ford Corrado from an attempted suicide he was able to bare witness to the creation of Enginehead.

After one of Engineheads first mission Grease monkey realized that the "hero" needed some guidance to find the great flaw, so he suggested Enginehead go outside instead of resting. This is when Enginehead realizes everything is connected and he needs to fix the great flaw.

Over the next couple of days as Enginehead continues to look for great flaw, Grease Monkey is there by his side, asking him why he does the things he does.

Later Grease Monkey is witness to the the end of Enginehead and the birth of the new Leadbelly.

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