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Jeremy Ashford: The 1st Gray Ghost

It was 1864, when General Sherman's "March to the Sea" would eventually lead to the senseless massacre of the Ashford family. Afterwards, the Union troops burnt down the Ashford home with the bodies inside. However, Jeremy Ashford and his son were the only ones who survived the massacre. Ashford became the Gray Ghost when he swore vengeance on any man who represented the Union and he would punish any Confederate officer that betrayed or deserted the South. 

Ashford eventually made his way to Louisiana where he met Jonah Hex. Ashford had heard from a reliable source that Hex was responsible for accidently shooting General "Stonewall" Jackson on May 2 1963. Ashford tried to punish Hex but Jonah surprised Ashford by shooting him in the back and leaving him for dead. Ashford's son wanted Hex to suffer for killing his father and Hex tried to convince the boy into abadoning vengeful purpose but in the end, Hex had no other choice but to shoot Ashford's son as well.    

Caleb Skinner: The 2nd Gray Ghost

Caleb Skinner was a member of the Confederate Homeguard who couldn't stand for traitors and deserters. Skinner also couldn't accept General Lee's surrender at Appomattox and he refused to let the dream of a Southern nation be destroyed by the Union. For Skinner, the war was never over so he decided to take up the mantle of the Gray Ghost. One night after slaughtering a Union Army Patrol, Skinner makes his way to the Trimble Gazette where he murders Hollis Grunewald, a Confederate soldier who was responsible for deaths of countless Confederate soldiers because he was a double agent for the Union.

Like Ashford, Skinner's main target was Jonah Hex. Skinner had learned about Jonah's involvement with Jackson's death but he also heard about Hex's supposed treachery at Fort Charlotte. According to certain rumors, Hex had helped the Union by selling out his batallion's location which led to many deaths including Jebediah Turnbull. When Skinner caught up with Hex in New Mexico, Hex got the upper hand by using his tomahawk to cleve Skinner's head in two.                   


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