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Young Gray and his mentor Ur
As a boy, Gray lived peacefully in a village with his parents located in the north. That all changed the day an indestructible demon named Deloria rampaged through the village destroying everything. In the after math Gray's parents were killed leaving him homeless and parentless. Soon a very powerful and revered ice mage known as Ur and her apprentice Leon came to the village. They found Gray in the rubble and she took him in as her apprentice. During his training he picked up his wierd habit of undressing in public. Gray was still filled with turmoil as he wanted to kill Deloria and avenge his parents. He soon heard that Deloria had been spotted and Gray decided to recklessly go after him even though Ur told him he wasn't ready. Gray engaged Deloria and was defeated very easily, not even able to scratch him. Before Deloria could administer the killing blow Ur intervened and began to fight for an immature Gray. Knowing there was no way to physically harm Deloria Ur used a high level Ice magic called Ice Shell which turns the users body into liquid and encases the foe in Ice so solid that not even fire can melt it. Leon blamed Gray for Ur's sacrifice and left Gray on his own to pursue his own goal of surpassing Ur. Gray eventually joined Fairy Tail and til this day feels responsible for Ur's death. 

Powers and Abilities



 Gray's Ice Make Stance
 Gray uses a very strong type of Ice magic called Ice Make  (アイスメイク Aisu Meiku) . He is able to make various consrtructs out of Ice. His style is considered Static Ice Magic where he shapes diferent weapons and Attacks out of Ice such as hammers, lances, fists, and cannons. He is even skilled enough to use the powerful Ice Shell like Ur.


Gray Using Ice Shell
On top of being a high class Ice Mage Gray is also able to produce his constructs at an incredibly fast rate. Making weapons and attacks in an instance. He is also, like Natsu, a very strong hand to hand combatant. His abilities to use weapons are great but not on par with Erza.  On top of his skills Gray has a large amount of magic power giving him immense stamina.



Height: unkown
Wieght: unkown
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black


Team Natsu
 Gray is somewhat of an exhibitionists as he constantly takes of his clothes or walks around naked. He has a rivalry with Natsu most likely because of their opposing natures but the two are more like siblings. Gray has a sense of placing his life on the line for his friends and protecting them just like Ur did for him. He is normally laid back and has a "cool" demeanor but he will always jump at a chance to one up Natsu or defend the Guild. He also shares a connection to Erza, Lucy and Happy

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