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Gravemoss is an evil necromancer who sought possession of the Soulsword to seize control of the Winding Way, an inter-dimensional pocket realm where magic practitioners hone their arcane crafts. During a lay-over in Cairo, Egypt, sorceress Amanda Sefton was surprised by her mother, Margali Szardos, posing as a beggar in an alleyway. Szardos warned her daughter that Gravemoss was the only magician that stood ahead of her along the Winding Way, and that he wanted the Soulsword in order to ruthlessly murder every sorcerer who opposed his psychotic quest to become the most powerful magician alive.

When Shadowcat went mad because of the Soulsword, Gravemoss used her misfortune to his advantage, and traveled to Nightcrawler’s teleportation dimension, where he took possession of the mutant. Gravemoss then teleported to Moira MacTaggart’s Muir Island headquarters, and attempted to coerce a volatile Shadowcat into willing him the Soulsword. Brittanic knocked Shadowcat unconscious, and the Soulsword returned to her, much to Gravemoss’s unspoken disappointment.

Infuriated, Gravemoss retreated outside, and thought of ways to kill the

 The Necromancer

members of Excalibur. Suddenly, Amanda Sefton teleported to the island, and Gravemoss accessed Nightcrawler’s memories to determine that Sefton was his lover. Amanda explained that she had come to the island to help Shadowcat, prompting Gravemoss to knock the sorceress unconscious, and drop her off of a cliff into the ocean, below. He then visited the medical facility where Shadowcat was recuperating from her bout with Brittanic, and set Douglock on fire utilizing an occult flame. Gravemoss then used magic to knock Excalibur unconscious, and teleported to the medical facility, where the sorceress Shrill had already confronted Shadowcat.

 Shadowcat Exorcises Nightcrawler

Shrill used her Soulsteel Eye to learn that Gravemoss had possessed Nightcrawler, and warned Shadowcat against willing the Soulsword to him. Gravemoss then used magic to shut down the island’s electrical systems, and seal up the medical facility. Shadowcat opted to attack Gravemoss in order to exorcise the sorcerer from Nightcrawler’s body, and succeeded in thoroughly trouncing him in hand-to-hand combat. Fearing his inevitable defeat, Gravemoss teleported to Nightcrawler’s bedroom, and retrieved his swords. Gravemoss returned to face Shadowcat, and Shrill bound the necromancer using a magic spell. Shrill demanded that Shadowcat use the Soulsword to kill Gravemoss, but Shadowcat couldn’t bring herself to kill her friend.

 Daytripper Kills Gravemoss

Shrill’s mystical energy source was depleted in the fight against Gravemoss, and as the magician prepared to kill Shadowcat, Amanda Sefton teleported to the medical facility, and bound the sorcerer using her own magic. Shadowcat then stabbed Nightcrawler with the Soulsword, successfully exorcising him from her friend’s body. Amanda then asked Shadowcat to will the Soulsword to her, and as Shadowcat returned to help her friends, the sorceress stabbed Gravemoss with the weapon, permanently ending his reign of terror.        

Powers And Abilities

  • Dimensional Manipulation 
  • Eldritch Flame Blasts
  • Magic 
  • Necromancy
  • Possession 


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