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Little is known about the vampire Grausum, other than the fact he is German in origin and joined the Blutsauger cult sometime after Baroness Blood betrayed most of her previous followers in her pursuit of the Holy Grail.


Grausum was created by Alan Jacobsen and C.P. Smith and first appeared in The New Invaders #4.

Character Evolution

Grausum has not appeared since his appearance in the Blood story arc in The New Invaders. Although, he was featured alongside (almost) every other vampire in the Marvel Universe in Vampires: The Marvel Undead #1.

Major Story Arcs


Grausum led a vampire attack during a Gay and Lesbian Pride Parade being held at Dymhurst Common. In attendance was the World War II-era hero The Destroyer who fought off the vampires to his best ability. Following the attack on the parade, the Destroyer called in the rest of the Invaders who came to investigate the seemingly random attack. Learning too late that the attack on the parade and Destroyer was bait to simply draw Spitfire to London so they could capture her, the Invaders began a search for Baroness Blood and her cult to free Spitfire.

The Invaders were later attacked by more of the Baroness' followers in the caverns beneath Falsworth Manor. The vampires were led into battle by Grausum who fought with the Destroyer again. He was incinerated shortly afterwards by the Human Torch.

Powers and Abilities

Grausum possesses standard vampire powers such as heightened strength and stamina. He has some degree of military or combat training and is able to transform himself into a vampire bat or mist in order to escape attackers or infiltrate places. He must avoid direct contact with sunlight and is vulnerable to intense heat, garlic or being impaled with a wooden stake.

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