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Grasp and his electro-gauntlets.
Grasp is a former AIM agent that went freelance and is now an original member of the Seekers. Grasp along with his other two teammates Sonic and Chain became high-tech bounty hunters after they left AIM. One of their first bounties was Spider Woman after she helped free the Avengers from the Vault and was wanted by the government. Grasp and the Seekers came into conflict with Spider Woman and Iron Man but were defeated.


Grasp was created by Danny Fingeroth and Tom Morgan in 1987 and first appeared in Iron Man # 214.    

Story Arcs

Grasp had a personal vendetta against Johnny Storm when his son Ted Bannion committed suicide and blamed it on the Human Torch. The Seekers were ultimately defeated by the combined forces of the Human Torch and the mutant Rusty Collins.   

Spider-Man: Round Robin

Sometime later, they were hired by the Secret Empire to provide reinforcements for Midnight but they were defeated by the combined forces of Spider Man, Night Thrasher, Moon Knight and the Punisher.  

Powers & Abilities

Grasp's armor provides him the ability of flight and a degree of superhuman strength. His main weapon are his electro-gauntlets which he can shoot from his suit. The electro-gauntlets can clamp onto a victim and hit them with a surge of energy or can grow in size and constrict anyone caught in its clutches. He also uses an electro-net to subdue or strike enemies.  
Grasp and his electro net.

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