Someone please explain Grant Morrison to me

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Hey everyone, 
My friend darklantern and I have had the same discussion for two years: why does everyone like Grant Morrison. I finally got through The Return of Bruce Wayne and was shell-shocked by the entire experience: I had trouble understanding not just every other page, but every other line of dialogue. His stories completely confound me, they all feel like works-in-progress.  
However, hundreds of thousands of fans can't get enough of him. Can anyone please explain why Grant Morrison is so great to me?

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In order to fully understand his work, you have to start from the very beginning. If you just read Return of Bruce Wayne without reading Batman & Son, Final Crisis, Batman and Robin, etc., then you will not understand a thing that you read in the Return of Bruce Wayne.  
Now most people absolutely adore him, but me? Meh. He's ok.

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His older stuff was better imo.

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@Gambit1024: I read those books/arcs you mentioned and was considerably frustrated then as well. I think it's his writing style. I'd like someone who really likes him now and can make heads-or-tails out of his writing to tell me why this guy gets the praise of even Geoff Johns.
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Grant Morrison likes to inject quite a cool amount of tropes, from other areas of fiction into comics, beyond just the common comic book ones that exist. His writing can come across deep and smart without requiring Claremont sized word bubbles and panels, Morrison is concise like that. He is also quite smart and deep himself in real life, so your not getting a faux sense of intelligence from intelligent characters which can be annoying when you read about a character thats suppose to be smarter than you the reader, but they come across as barely having completed high school. I think Grant Morrison does a good job of making the general reader feel smart, because he knows when a reference might be too obscure or just on the cusp of the general audience field of vision. He can really nail on to a character a very iconic characterization. I liked Emma Frost before Morrison, but he really developed a great and powerful X-Men character with his reworking of her.  
Personally I do find him a bit overrated (more really I find a lot of other writers underrated but its easier to just call GM overrated lol) Possibly something that might help you get the appeal, is to try some of his non Batman stuff? I have only read bits, and its alright. One day when he has wrapped up his work, I might buy all the TPB's of stuff he worked on and stuff thats tied in, and read it from beginning to end. Since I haven't read too much of it, I can't really think of examples to show why and how he is popular, but with books like WE3, his X-MEN run, JLA, INVISIBLES, ANIMAL MAN, ALL STAR SUPERMAN and well heaps more I can see it much, more clearly. All Star Supes is a good example. it delivers an extremely iconic Superman at an unbelievable speed, and its well paced and isn't rushed. Morrison doesn't need to use a ton of words to get across a smart point. His characters dialogue come across pretty natural and authentic as well, I feel sometimes writers insert to much of themselves into some writers but Morrisons characters can have a nice diversity to how they sound.  
I feel its worth mentioning I wouldn't put Morrison in my top ten best comic writers list either really, well favorites I should say. Still. Oh, and layers. Morrisons work has layers. He can write for the casual reader and the hardcore reader in the same panel. Most writers struggle with that and instead have little continuity jokes more serious fans can identify but then return to writing more basically. 

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Hes Batman

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@Band Lone said:
" Hes Batman "
he really is

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  1. @Nighthunter: I knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD
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No comment lol
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@daredevil21134 said:
"No comment lol "
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you've kind of got to read his stuff a few times before you really start to get all of it

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@GiantRobots said:
" @Gambit1024: I read those books/arcs you mentioned and was considerably frustrated then as well. I think it's his writing style. I'd like someone who really likes him now and can make heads-or-tails out of his writing to tell me why this guy gets the praise of even Geoff Johns. "

Oh geoffcon man,clearly we need more retcons.
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Morrison makes you reasearch his writing. He pulls obscure shit from panels youve never thought of and tweaks it. One should keep the internet near by when reading his material its not for entry level fanboys.
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I agree, Grant Morrison can be difficult to understand and, at times, it can be really off-putting. Unfortunately for me, Morrison has written some of Batman's most acclaimed titles and I want to know if they're up to anything. If you do struggle (like I do) you can sometimes find websites which help you through the books. I was reading Batman and Robin and unsure of some of the language used but this helped clear it up: Grant Morrison's Batman. It helped me get the gist of the story more although I still think the work is pretty pretentious (that scene where Professor Pyg rambles on to Damion, you might as well look up random Greek mythological figures on Google and stick them in a sentence).

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