My experiences about Grant Morrisons writing.

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Today, I`m gonna tell ya guys and gals, about Mr. Grant Morrisons writing. And my memories about it. And the evolution, of me liking Morrisons writing.

My Morrison-history starts from his first storyarc in Batman comics. "Batman and son." I noticed a Batman book at a supermarket. That book. At that time, I was 13 years old. I flipped trough it a little bit. It has Joker, Talia al Ghul, Men-bats and an intriguing concept. I bought it. When I read it later on, I found it to be a nice story, but I still rate it 3,5/5. At this time, I thought, that Morrison would merely be a pretty good writer.

Or maybe my first experience of his writing was the JLA-arc "Rock of ages." I found this one from a store that sells old books and magasines, and new books. It is a gigantic, over 100 paged mag that collected the whole story, and cost just a little. The story has alot of good stuff. And also stuff that is a little confusing. Still, I realized what the story is about. It also has alot of great characters, and superb writing. I didn`t bother to look who the writer is.

Then I found out about All-star superman. And what other stories he had written about Batman and co. And that he had wrote stories about Animal man, Doom patrol etc. I still didn`t think that he would be a superb writer, but I was interested.

I saw alot of issues (but not the stories, unfortunately) that Mr. M. had written. I started to think that he is an important comics-person. Some time later I read that

Batman had "died". I thought: boring.

I was gonna buy All Star Superman, but didn`t, `cause I had read from somewhere that it isn`t that good.

I read a few secrets that had been revealed, about his Batman run. I regret that now. They aren`t suprises anymore. I hate those kind of articles.

I read that someone loves Morrisons Batman run. It was one of those persons who made that "Best comics of the year"-list, on a site what`s name I don`t remember. I thought that it must be a pretty good run.

I read his New X-men stories (except the stories from issues 126-130, that I haven`t found), and his first JLA-arc. I knew that if I would ever notice a Morrison written book, I`d wanna buy it, or at least read it.

I bought All Star Superman. I like it.

I want to get everything that Morrison writes, and I`m gonna order some of the books that he has written (and co-written).

I found out a little bit, what kind of a person Morrison is like. Now I know that he`s pleasant, but still hot tempered, scottish accented guy.

Now we`re on the present, and I`m making this article. That sums it up.

BONUS: The most shocking pic of Morrison, that I`ve seen.


Update: The site that had the best comics of 2010 list, is Comic alliance. Check it out, if you already haven`t. Here`s a link.

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Peculiar picture...

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Where did you hear All-Star Superman wasn't good? I rarely EVER hear ANYTHING but heaps of praise for it.

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@The Mighty Monarch:

It was a review on Amazon. The book is rated 3/5 in that review, because the reviewer felt that the stories weren`t connected enough, to eachother. Weird.

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