Is Morrison past his prime?

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I had a chance to catch up on Batman Inc. And I'm not impressed at all, even disappointed in the writing. Action Comics wasn't to great either. So I have to ask, could it be that Grant Morrison is past his prime?

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Morrison is a mixed bag for me. I often don't like his writing, even some that is critically acclaimed by other readers, but when he nails it for me--he really nails it. I agree that Action Comics has been lackluster, I would even go as far as to say that it was just plain awful and I've never liked Batman INC, but to me that is just the nature of Morrison's writing. So, I don't think he's necessarily past his prime so much as he is just hit and miss like most writers.

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I can't really comment on his past writing as I haven't read it but I currently pull Action Comics and I think it's alright but not great. I think it started like a ball of fire but has died down quite a bit at this point. I picked up Batman Incorporated and was really excited for it but to me, it just wasn't great or even very good at all. I ended up making the decision to drop it and really haven't looked back.

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Well looking at the reception on the interwebs, it may appear so. Plus having a burnout and stepping down from monthlies might tell you something too.

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I've never been a big fan of ol Morrison. I tend to like his creations Quire, Damian & ect, but overall I think he is an overrated story teller.

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@ApatheticAvenger said:

I've been enjoying both immensely, so I would say no. Even if he was, he'd still be my all-time favorite writer.

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One of my favorites too! been really enjoying Action lately.

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