Grant Morrison's Dr Who rerelease?

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Guess Who's back?
Before he became known for his ‘leather-boy’ X-Men, neo-retro Superman or universe-changing Final Crisis, Grant Morrison cut his teeth in much the same way other British creators did, including the great Alan Moore, on Doctor Who Magazine’s comic strip.

This Wednesday IDW rereleased the first issue in a series collecting his entire run on the longest running TV comic strip.

Ranging from stories involving the multi-colored Sixth Doctor to the somber Seventh Doctor, these stories are a unique blend of imaginative sci-fi and talented comic book scripting. The artwork by John Ridgeway, Bryan Hitch and Robert Hack is also a real treat. When I initially read these stories, long before I even knew who Grant Morrison was, I was very impressed by them. With the high cost of each issue of Doctor Who Magazine this was a very expensive joy...

I’m pleased to know that a whole new group of readers will now get a chance to experience these comics.


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