Grant Morrison Speaks

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Final Crisis Hardcover
Anytime Grant Morrison's name comes up, we rush to see what he has to say.  Will he reveal any of the ideas lurking around his mind.  In an interview with Wired, he speaks about continuity (with "All Star Superman"), "Final Crisis" and the upcoming "Batman and Robin."
Right now I'm working on the new Batman and Robin book which is out this summer. Bruce Wayne is gone so we'll be seeing a new Batman and Robin team in action together for the first time. This is continuing the story from Batman R.I.P. and the pitch is "David Lynch directs the Batman TV show."

That's the only DC Universe book I'm doing this year. After Final Crisis, I needed a break from the spandex set. So I'm back with Karen Berger at Vertigo doing what I prefer: Creating new books and characters. I've just finished Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye, the second volume in the Seaguy trilogy with artist Cameron Stewart. The first one comes out in April and if you don't buy it, you'll die never knowing!

To read more, head over to Wired's blog page to see the full interview.
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Morrison at Vertigo... awesome

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This gotta be good news for all of us in the VNU!

#3 Posted by inferiorego (22849 posts) - - Show Bio
TwilightThunder said:
"This gotta be good news for all of us in the VNU!"
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Ha... Batman and robin is Nightwing and Damian for sure!

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geez you think? :P

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the first Seaguy wasnt half bad. Odd as hell but not bad, so ill be looking for this one

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He has spoken...

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Morrison back at Vertigo? Awesome, I expect great stories from him, great stories on the level of "The Filth", stories that make my mind go what have I just read?

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So much for the rumor that Bruce would be back by June...

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