Grant Morrison Batman Reading Order

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Hey guys,

This has probably already been discussed elsewhere, but just wanted to check the reading order. I've read around on the internet and this seems to be the most sense I've been able to make. Could you guys check and add or move stuff around?

Grant Morrison Batman Reading Order

Batman Homework:

Batman: Year One (Batman 404-407)

Batman: The Killing Joke (OGN)

Dark Knight, Dark City (Batman 452-454)

The Black Casebook ( Batman 65, 86, 112, 113, 134, 156, 162, Detective Comics 215, 235, 247, 267, World’s Finest Comics 89)

Batman: Arkham Asylum (OGN)

Batman: Gothic (Legends Of The Dark Knight 6-10)

Batman: Son Of The Demon (OGN)

Batman: The Cult (Batman: The Cult 1-4)

DC Universe Homework

Identity Crisis (Identity Crisis 1-7)

OMAC Project (The OMAC Project 1-6, Countdown To Infinite Crisis)

Superman: Sacrifice (Superman 219, Action Comics 829, Adventures Of Superman 642, Wonder Woman 219, Adventures Of Superman 643, Wonder Woman 220)

Infinite Crisis (Infinite Crisis 1-7)

Fourth World Homework

Jack Kirby’s Fourth World

Animal Man 1-26

Morrison JLA 1-23

DC One Million

Morrison JLA 24-41

JLA: Earth 2

JLA Classified 1-3

Seven Soldiers Of Victory

ACT ONE: Batman VS. The Black Glove

52 30, 47

Batman And Son (Batman 655-658, 663-666)

Batman: The Black Glove (Batman 667-669, 672-675)

DC Universe O

Batman: R.I.P. (Batman 676-681)

INTERLUDE: Final Crisis

Final Crisis 1-3

Superman Beyond

Final Crisis 4

Batman 682-683

Final Crisis 5-7

Detective Comics 851

Batman 684

Battle For The Cowl 1-3

Batman 686

Detective Comics 853

ACT TWO: Batman And Robin

Batman And Robin 1-3

Blackest Night (Blackest Night 0-8)

Batman And Robin 4-6

Batman 700

Batman And Robin 7-12

Batman 701-702

Return Of Bruce Wayne 1-6

Batman And Robin 12-16


Batman: The Return 1

ACT THREE: Batman Incorporated

Batman Inc. 1-8

Batman Inc. Leviathan Strikes! 1

Batman Inc. v.2 1-?

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Cool. You look like somebody that can help me. All these Batman books with Morrison are confusing. Especially since they all seem to share the same type of covers but ones that seem they are after others are already out. Let me explain.

Okay - I've got on pre-order releasing later this month "Batman, Vol. 1: Batman & Son vs. the Black Glove: Deluxe Edition". The confusing thing is that there seems to be other Black Glove, Batman and Son trades out there. Is this the start of a new edition of what's already been put out? Because they seem similar looking to some of the editions that are out already - at least cover wise. Then I also have Absolute Batman and Robin coming in December or so. Is Batman & Son vs the Black Glove the beginning of his run? Should I find something earlier related to all these events? I already have the latest HC Batman Inc trade as well. This is so confusing.

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@Starving_Sound: Have you sorted your problem yet?

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