Batman Fights Prince in Grant Morrison's Mind

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 Purple rain, purple rain...
The Batman/ Prince connection just runs deep, doesn’t it? As I reference whenever I get the opportunity, the musician formerly known as “the Artist” created one of the most bizarre, yet fitting, soundtracks in movie history for the ’89 BATMAN movie.  21 odd years later and I still can’t get the beat to “Batdance” or the lyrics to “Partyman” out of my head. In fact, one of my pet dreams is to one day get the chance to write a Batman title and have the Caped Crusader actually fight Gemini -  - the dual Batman/ Joker persona Prince assumed for the movie-related music videos.

Alas, Grant Morrison has beaten me to the punch. He’s revealed over a multi-part look behind-the-pages of BATMAN & ROBIN on the Source that new supervillain, the Flamingo , was inspired, in part, by the Purple One. The cover to the right, in fact, was based on the poster of Prince’s film PURPLE RAIN. Drat! Foiled again. Ah well…

Prince wasn’t the only character cited by Morrison as inspiring the Flamingo. He also conceived of him as being an evil Zorro to serve as a dark mirror to Batman’s own inspiration in the Mexican swashbuckler. What I relish about a creator like Morrison is the broad swath of influences, both cultural and pop cultural, that he brings into his work. Who else references the Beatles , Dick Tracy, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, MY FAIR LADY, KILL BILL and a penitent order of flagellant monks when writing a Batman book? Much like the work of another of my favorite comics writers, Alejandro Jodorowsky,  Morrison’s best stories are dizzying parades of imagination that never abate.  

While we’ve got all the thumbnails, concept sketches,  color tests and raw pencils that went into the covers and new characters marking this new volume of BATMAN & ROBIN here, I highly recommend you all check out the Source and read Morrison’s own descriptions, which are a fantasy trip in of themselves.
== TEASER ==

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia. Pre-order the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover now on

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Ha, now I don't have to buy the special edition hard cover to get the sketches in the end.  Only kidding.  These aren't all of them.  Wish I could get this, but maybe later on, during July.

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He's on acid I know it
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i wish gm would write batman titles forever !!!!

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@goldenkey said:

" He's on acid I know it "

Grant Morrison makes his own drugs from chemicals aliens gave him.
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Chubby rain.

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@goldenkey said:
" He's on acid I know it "
Morrison's drug use is a well known fact
Thought Flamingo's Bike looked familiar...
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Does anyone else think that Damian's gray costume in the sketches look better then the traditional green-red-yellow?   The robin colors just don't seem to match Damian imo but I could see Morrison doing that on purpose.
On another note, that sumo wrestler in high heels is terrifying.   Like bearded lady meets wrecking ball...

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Little known fact: Comic Vine actually has a Prince character page. And his comic series was under a DC imprint, but he never got to fight Batman unfortunately.

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I know not everyone loves his writing, but you gotta admit, he's got such a fascinating mind! i love his stuff

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Why didn't they go with this design? It's so cool and realistic, reminds me of The Dark Knight.

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@Cosmic Cube: yet
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@Dr. Maxwell: He has said last year that he doesn't do drugs anymore. 
I think it's interesting to get a look at a fresh take on Batman I think it's been way overdue to change his adventures.
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It is no coincidence that I know all the lyrics to 1999.
 The Flamingo is definitely one of my favourite villians in this run of B&R. I hope we see more of him.

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