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 18 Days...

When Virgin Comics folded, it left a lot of loose ends regarding the projects it had in the pipeline, since I don’t believe every title would be going to the Liquid Comics offshoot. I believe INCARNATE, for example, was originally at Virgin and then it went to Radical, instead.  Another of these projects was MBX, an animated web series created by Grant Morrison. We actually reported on the project way back at Comic 2008, but have heard neither hide nor hair about it since then. That is, until Deadline reported today that Morrison’s got a new OGN with Indian artist Mukesh Singh that’s called 18 DAYS coming out through a partnership between Liquid Comics and Dynamite and it's coinciding with a CG toon.

 What it once was.

 Hmmmm… the plot’s a take off of BHAGAVAD GITA, an epic out of the MAHABHRATA, a sacred Hindu scripture. With my thinking cap on, I’d hazard a guess that MBX was probably also based on the MAHABHRATA. Mahabharata => MahaBharata X => MBX.   After a look at the official website for 18 DAYS and its teaser trailer, and then a comparison to the teaser image to the right, it’s clear that this is the same project, with the sexier 18 DAYS title.   

 Is that you, Jake Soo-lee?

Hindu epics seem to be really in vogue right now as a source of inspiration. You might recall that Virgin had that series RAMAYANA 3392 AD which, of course, set the RAMAYANA epic in the future. Perhaps less obvious is the fact that the big movie AVATAR you might’ve heard of obviously started with the RAMAYANA. Tell me if this sounds familiar… Rama is an AVATAR of the god Vishnu with BLUE SKIN, long, BRAIDED BLACK HAIR and a penchant for using a BOW AND ARROW.

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Comics and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia.   Watch out for the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover collection this March - - available for pre-order now on Amazon.com.

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Grant Morrision is a genius i cant wait for this

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Lots of middle eastern philosophy in Grant Morrison's work TheInvisibles, Vimanarama and even Batman we see Bruce meditating using these techniques to cleanse himself.   

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I never heard of this comic before but i'll watch it.

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We3 would make a great cartoon.

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