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Brown Watson was a UK company that published annuals for the UK market, frequently based on TV shows. In 1979 the bosses of Brown Watson, Peter and Brian Babani, left to set up a new company, Grandreams, taking many of their licenses with them, and swiftly picking up the license to reprint and repackage Marvel strips as annuals (despite Marvel UK existing to produce similar fare for the weekly comic market). They set up their new company's offices on the first floor of Jadwin House, Kentish Town Road, London; coincidentally, Marvel UK soon after relocated their offices, moving in to the second floor, above Grandreams.

Grandreams' annuals included ones for Return of the Jedi (reprinting Marvel's Star Wars comic), Battlestar Galactica, Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, Knight Rider, Home and Away (an Australian soap opera popular in the UK), Jurassic Park, Minder, TJ Hooker, Dallas, etc. As well as illustrated text stories, most annuals included comic strips; where existing comics from another licensee were not available to repackage for the annual, Grandreams commissioned British creators to produce home grown strips.

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