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Grand Nixon Island is a fictional island in the 616 Marvel Universe and is located in the South Pacific outside of any nation's territorial waters.  The Island could be best described as mostly jungle with hot humid temperatures.      

Grand Nixon Island

The Island was home to various mercenary groups most of them were former U.S. Special Forces, Navy Seals, British SAS, and other former special ops military personnel.  The Island was also home to criminals from all over the world. The Island is considered a hell hole and very few people venture to it and most pilots refuse to go near it.  Prostitution was tried on Grand Nixon Island however the Pimps who tried it ended up getting killed and hookers refused to go to the island to work because of the danger.  

The only reason why the Island wasn't shutdown for its inhabitant’s criminal activities was because of General Kreigkopf.  The General ran the Island and knew many U.S. secrets that can damage the U.S. and certain powerful members of the U.S. Government.  The CIA is believed to have helped Kreigkopf take control of the Island due to the fact they would gain a valuable asset in the region.  The Island being inhabited by 2,000 mercenaries under the control of Kreigkopf was great news to the CIA. 

After the General had control of the Island he was approached by the French Government who wanted to conduct a nuclear weapon test in the region and needed a place to refuel.  The General agreed to this with plans of his own.  Kreigkopf betrays the French Government seizing the nuclear weapon from French personnel and plans to drop it on Brussels destroying the EU leadership in hopes of scaring governments and the Island becoming the terrorist capital of the world.  The Punisher ends up taking the weapon from the General and dropped it on the Island killing everyone on it and making Grand Nixon Island uninhabitable.     


In Other Media

Grand Nixon Island was a location in the 2005 Punisher video game.  The Punisher stops General Kreigkopf from firing a Nuclear Missile at New York City.  The Punisher also fights the Russian in the game on the Island as well.  The Nuclear Missile explodes on the Island destroying everyone on it like in the comics.     

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