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Team History

The Graces are assembled by Gamora on a fringe Kree planet (Godthab Omega) and consist entirely of female warriors. Gamora had left her old life with Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch behind, seemingly to pursue regaining her reputation as the Deadliest Woman in the Universe. The roster, led by Gamora includes:

With the exceptions of Tana Nile and Cerise, all the non-leader Graces are villains. Tana Nile's reasons for joining up are understandable as she was seeking protection from Ronan the Accuser. Cerise's motivation in being a part of the group is questionable.

Gamora and her Graces

The Graces join forces with Ronan when the Annihilation Wave comes to their planet, though Spirit and Tana Nile are killed in the battle. Gamora later joins Nova's United Front effort to combat the Annihilation Wave on other worlds. None of the other surviving Graces have been seen since their battle with the Annihilation Wave before Gamora left them, so their fates are uncertain.

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