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Governor Stelonivich first appeared in X-Men #20.


Governor Strelonivich was only six years old when Symkarian tanks rolled through the streets of Puternicstan. They raped, killed, and treated everyone like animals. The Latverians did the same four years later. This explains her complete distaste for her neighboring countries. Opportunity struck when Puternicstan discovered a wealth of Uranium on its land. This helped fund her project for developing a Sentinel army.

Mayor Story Arcs


All that was missing from her newly built Sentinels was a functioning brain. This opportunity would also present itself when she discovered a shipment of three Sentinels was to be delivered in the Chechen Republic.

She sent a team to steal this shipment and bring it back to Puternicstan. Once word spread that Puternicstan had Sentinels in their possession, Symkaria and Latveria began to muster forces along their borders. Symkaria also was first to violate the no-fly zone set in place by the UN.

Strelonivich had her science team reprogram the Sentinels to attack anyone they want instead of only mutants. Governor Strelonivich no longer wanted Puternicstan to be treated like the doormat of Eastern Europe.


The X-Men were sent to Puternicstan as a response to the missing shipment of Sentinels. What they discovered instead was an army of Sentinels. Governor Strelonivich instructed a Sentinel to attack the X-Men. The X-Men eventually took care of this Sentinel but it was around this time that she ordered her warehouse full of Sentinels to activate and attack nearby Symkaria. Strelonivich completely disregarded the advice from her top general who thought this move was quite rash.

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