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With Matches Malone in prison, Freddie Dinardo hits the streets of Gotham as the newest member of Penguin's "family."

Batman comments on Gotham City: he says that Gotham City was born on the streets. Many gangs founded it, such as the Irish Wounded Ravens, and the Italian East-Siders or the Free Man Gang or perhaps the Jewish Sons of David. Batman almost forgets to mention the “native” All-Americans. When the gangs ran Gotham, it was a criminal paradise. There were disagreements, but it all worked out because the gangs knew that money would keep them alive. Even policemen were profiting. That is, until a gang called the Masks showed up. At first there were only a few, but then they multiplied, so much that they could form their own gangs. The Masks would dominate Gotham’s underworld, until the most unfortunate mask came along: Batman.

Somewhere in Gotham City, Tobias Whale is giving a prep speech, and talks of reclaiming Gotham City again. Another gang member stands up and questions his authority. Whale tells him to sit down and to follow him, because he will just be made an example of, just like in those cliché stories. The opposing gang member sits back down and Whale answers his question, “Why me?” Whale explains that he is one of them, that he is not a mask, and is not someone who refuses to share his wealth. The gangs clap, even the one who opposed him before.

At Blackgate Prison, Matches Malone is fighting off criminals with a punch and a throw. He excuses himself and tells them he wishes to finish his breakfast in peace. He starts to think that it was a bad idea letting Bane knock him out to get in prison to find out where the Suicide Squad are taking the villains. He only managed to find one criminal from that night and wonders if they’re treating each capture differently. He continues and knows that there’s something going on in the infirmary because – rumour has it – that someone was brought in from a superhuman group, maybe from the Suicide Squad. He plans to sneak off during exercise and have a look himself. He suspects that Penguin was perhaps expecting that meeting, and he’ll pay Penguin a visit as soon as he can.

At the Iceburg Lounge, Penguin is in his office with Riddler and wonders what caused him to visit. Riddler comments on Two-Face’s disappearance. Penguin doesn’t seem to care much about him, but Riddler begs to differ, commenting on them two having quite a conversation. Penguin asks if it’s about the underground railway and Riddler says it’s not, he’s just curious. One of Penguin’s bodyguards interrupts and informs Penguin that the “new guy” is here. Riddler makes his way out and Penguin reminds him of the saying, “Curiosity killed the cat,” and adds that his birds are the ones that feast on the felines. Then, Freddie Dinardo comes in and Penguin welcomes him to the family.

Atop a building across from Penguin’s office is Robin and comments on “Freddie”. He criticises Dick for creating his own Matches Malone. He’s concerned about Bruce’s disappearance, concerned enough to do the same thing that Bruce did. But now that Bruce is gone, he’s the one in charge. That’s fine though, because it’s not so restrictive, allowing him to follow up on his own hunches. He then wonders about Whale and why he could run in Metropolis in bliss and then move to a competitive city like Gotham. He then asks Oracle if everything is fine, and she replies it is, and that she’s brought in some extra help; that is, Huntress and Renee Montoya. Robin continues to comment and says that Bruce really isn’t into calling other people for help. Robin feels the strangest feeling being watched and he is, as Spoiler trails him as he swings across the buildings.

Elsewhere in a warehouse, Scarface is calling all of his people losers. He tells Lockdown, Killer Moth and Firefly that something’s big going on, and that Gotham is theirs for the taking. Scarecrow comes in and informs that Penguin is a rat.

Back at Blackgate Prison, a prisoner guard receives money and asks who it’s from. The other prisoner guard can’t say, but hints that a “certain someone” is it be let out, and that person is behind the door they’re guarding. The prisoner guard is annoyed he has to do such thing as “he gives me the creeps”. But there’s not much they can do, as after lights out, they’ll give him a shiv and he’ll do his thing. And thanks to Mr. Zsasz, Matches Malone will never see another morning.

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Gotham Underground #2 0

Gotham Underground #2This comic is really amazing that it shows very realistic situation where many of the traditional gangs were wiped out by Masks. It shows a vast amount of characters making it very interesting. The art is really detailed and just plain awesome.It is very well written and I was immersed in the story, it had good dialog. Whale has also has an interesting part in the story and had a reason for going to Gotham. It shows how other villains want to take over the Gotham’s crime syn...

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