grim's Gotham City Sirens #7 - Holiday Story review

Harley fans REJOICE!

the best thing about Christmas ( know, besides the presents, and the family time, and... you know... the seasons true however-slightly-incorrect-on-a-calendar meaning) is hands down the seasonal comics. A time for Hulk's to throw snowballs, Children to make dead-batman snowmen, and for Harley Quinn to visit her family!
If you dont often read the Master work that is Gotham City Sirens, you should start right here with issue 7. In this issue, we see our not-so-heroins x-mas trips. Catwoman visits the Wayne Manor to reminisce with Dick. Poison Ivy visits the forest and does some hero work in the name of the season. And Harley makes a hilarious and insightful trip to her mothers house and her fathers jail cell.
 If your a harley Quinn fan, this is easily one of the sweetest stories shes ever co-stared in. And i guess i mean sweet in both senses. 
5 outa 5 only becuase i cant give a 10 outa 10. i guess thats the same thing though....

Posted by timrothsays

i love Gotham City Sirens. SEX on every page ^^

Posted by starkiller95

sex on every page? COOL!!!!

Posted by timrothsays
@starkiller95 said:
" sex on every page? COOL!!!! "
and gay-porn
Posted by starkiller95

I cant believe it!

Posted by timrothsays
@starkiller95 said:
" I cant believe it! "
dude, buy it!
Posted by starkiller95

i will

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