duo_forbidden's Gotham City Sirens #25 - Friends, Part 3 review

Payback's a mother.

Synopsis: Poison Ivy plans her revenge on those who betrayed her: Harley Quinn and Catwoman.

What's Good? 
Poison Ivy is the central character in this issue, after the events with Harley and The Joker leading her being betrayed by both Harley and Selina. One of the highlight for this issue is Ivy's confrontation with Harley and herself. Ivy wants Harley good as dead, but she can't bring herself to do it due to them being friends for so long. Harley is what kept Ivy humane. You could also say that Harley can still be redeemed from the Joker's grasp. Ivy's metaphors with plants and her relationship with people throughout this issue, is another strong part.  

This issue has to be Andres Guinaldo's best artwork for this series in certain parts, and that says a lot coming from me. The artwork suits Poison Ivy's perspective with the vines making up for the boarders on each panels.  

What's Bad? 
While I don't mind Poison Ivy being the lead character in this issue, I think it would have been better to see all three girls from their own perspective instead of just Ivy's. Selina hardly have any characterization within this issue with her only showing up in the last two pages. How does she feel about betraying both Ivy and Harley?

While I do think Guinaldo's work is his best, there are still some issues that's been plaguing this series for a while. The character designs are still plain compared to what we see with Guillem March cover art.

Minor complaint, but DC false summarizes Batman showing up. Technically, Batman does in the flashback, but I'm actually glad that he doesn't show up. This issue really just need to focus on these three ladies.  

Overall: I find it disappointing that it all comes down to this. Sirens started out with three of the coolest Batman villainess actually working together becoming "good guys", only for them to become enemies at the end. It all comes down to the relaunch. Despite how most fans feel about it, these three characters need it the most. These ladies need to evolve again. Nevertheless, this was a strong issue featuring Ivy, just weighed down by timing and a little more characterization with the other two ladies.


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