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Montoya and Allen visit the crime scene of the dead Danny and Marcus confirms he is the one who was with Freeze.

At the morgue, Nora, Charlie's wife, comes to see him one last time. Marcus tries to convince her not to because of his bad condition but she claims to be ready for it since she works at the morgue, too. But seeing him still brings her to tears.

Back at the police station, Montoya tells her colleagues all the information they have to capture Freeze. They want to solve the case before Batman intrudes at night.

Josh and Trey go to prison to talk to "known associates" of Freeze, but without any luck. The other cops talk to a diamond dealer, while Nate and Holmes get some information about a diamond deal from a street thug. There is also information at a cryogenics company and sold freezers. Montoya and Allen discuss involving Batman.

At another meeting all the information is gathered. While the detectives try to connect the dots, Marcus has a revelation about what Freeze said before he killed Charlie. Everyone is mobilized as it becomes clear that Freeze is trying to the big ceremony that is going down in Gotham that night. Marcus even wants Batman to become involved. So he and the commissioner activate the Bat Signal and talk to Batman.

During the ceremony, Freeze is freezing some cops and plans his big coup when Batman arrives. At the same time, James Gordon is giving a speech on education and graduation at the ceremony. Batman tells Montoya that Freeze is done so they can pick him up.

Marcus drives home, learning that Freeze's plans to freeze everyone at the ceremony have been stopped by Batman who then appears at his car. Marcus tells him to go to hell.

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In The Line of Reality 0

The issue starts off with a chilling image of a man, seated in a truck, his eyes widened in fear and spikes of frost bursting from his mouth as if his very scream is frozen. Crispus Allen, Renee Montoya, and Marcus Driver are on the scene, gathering whatever details they can find. Although they discuss the gruesomeness of the scene, much of their feelings have been sublimated so that they can maintain professionalism and focus on capturing Mr. Freeze, establishing one of the major themes of Goth...

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