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Part two of Soft Targets continues with the bat signal being shattered by a shot from Joker's sniper rifle. As the M.C.U. deals with Jokers spree, Montoya learns where the weapon had been purchased. While Joker hacks into the officers computers leaving a timer for who dies next.

During a press conference in which the new mayor David Hull and Akins give statements, the bat signal is turned on and then destroyed by shots. Batman saves Tracy and Probson. Down in the office, Sarge is angry at Probson for turning on the signal and risking Tracy's life. Akins asks him into his office. Sawyer starts a shouting match with him that Akins interrupts. He wants to know why Probson turned the signal on without asking him. Probson explains it's because of the Joker. Everyone is shocked by that news. Especially Hull, the new mayor, freaks out and has to run to the bathroom.

Allen and Montoya arrive at Central, seeing the media circus. They go through without any comment. Simon Lippman, a reporter, waits for them and shows them an email he got from the Joker. They take him upstairs.

Driver sits in the hospital waiting room where Nora has been operated. Romy calls him and wakes him from nightmares of the shooting. Nora has lost her hand and he regrets not spending more time with her after her husband, and his partner, died.

Sawyer and Akins agree with Lippman accompanying Montoya and Allen for the time being. Everyone is working full time on the case, even if it takes a toll in their personal lives, like Officer Kasinsky. They traced the rifle. Driver is also informed about the Joker. In the dressing room, Nate is joking about Nora when Driver enters. They get in a fight but are stopped by the others, including Romy. Probson and Tracy talk in the stairway. He apologizes, but she's fine.

The news are reporting about the Joker, speculating who will be killed next. Crowe is getting really angry about this. Renee is searching the databases for the gun when she suddenly finds in a database called 'Oracle'. They want to go and find the suspect but suddenly all the computers are taken over by the Joker. Every screen shows a webcam with live footage and a countdown that ticks down for the next shooting.

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