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Soft Targets kicks off, with political figures being assassinated by the Joker with a high powered sniper rifle. Following the mayor and superintendent's death, the M.C.U. call in Batman to stop the city from descending into madness.

Commissioner Akins is meeting with the mayor to discuss the GCPD's budget. The mayor wants to cut overtime, but Akins claims this would cripple his department. They get into a heated argument with the mayor claiming that the department is corrupt and abusing overtime anyway, while Akins tells him that cops are not appreciated enough which leads to some of them taking bribes. Before the mayor can respond, he is shot by a sniper from another building.

The cops arrive, investigate the crime scene and the sniper's nest and talk to the commissioner. Allen and Montoya are investigating, ironically, as Allen points out, after their shift has ended. Sawyer gets a call that the superintendent has been shot, too.

Driver is at the scene, everyone is holding back for the danger of the sniper still there. After two hours they decide to go in, as not to lose any evidence because of the snow. Driver deals with the body and lets Sawyer and the Probson deal with the press. Probson is pissed by Sawyer's taking charge and she tells him to keep his personal problems to himself as long as there are more urgent matters.

The superintendent was talking to a school principal when it happened, but she didn't notice anything. Sawyer talks to the press, being watched suspiciously by Probson.

Allen and Montoya are back at Central where Montoya is angry about no one brewing new coffee. She actually doesn't like the case. They discuss if the both shootings are connected and suppose so, considering also that the mayor was involved in some dubious deals. Stacy is closing the blinds, just to be safe.

Back at the school, Driver also sees that the mayor wasn't always "clean" with his business. They have a possible witness. Nora, the coroner, tells them to take away the corpse when suddenly there are shots. Several cops are shot, including Nora. Marcus is trying to help despite the danger. Josie sees something in a far away building and the cops immediately go there. In an apartment they find another body and a laptop with a webpage that looks like something by the Joker.

At Central, Probson gets the call from Josie with the news. He immediately takes Stacy to the roof to active the Bat Signal. She doesn't want to be exposed and Sarge thinks it's a bad idea, too. They turn on the signal, but the moment Batman arrives, more shots are fired. Batman saves Stacy, knowing it's the Joker. Then the Bat Signal is destroyed by another shot.

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