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Gort is a Deviant that serves Brutus and acts as his personal bodyguard. Brutus has a barricade preventing Tyrannus and the Mole Man from reaching the fountain of youth. The Mole Man kidnaps Rick Jones and Betty Banner to force the Hulk to help them break through the barricade. The Hulk agrees and ends up fighting Gort. The Deviant with his claws and razor sharp teeth put up a good fight but is taken out when the green goliath smashes his teeth in. The Hulk fills a canteen with the mystical water and gives it to Tyrannus. The Hulk, Betty and Rick Jones are set free. Tyrannus drinks the water and is apparently killed because Brutus poisoned the water from the fountain of youth.

Gort takes a bite out of the gamma giant.

Powers and Abilities:
Gort is a Deviant with superhuman strength and uses his razor sharp teeth to cut and dismember his enemies.

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