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Gorki is a man that placed an ad in the newspaper to have his car driven up north in New York. Rick Jones responded to the ad and agreed to drive Gorki's car for him because he needed the vehicle to reach Empire State when he learned that the Hulk was in New York looking for the Avengers. Gorki told Rick Jones not to look inside the trunk and that he would receive a bonus if he reached his destination within 48 hours. Rick Jones had no idea that Gorki had placed an ultra-wave scanner inside the trunk to monitor his movements and had plans to annihilate the state of New York once General Ross gives the order to launch the Orion missile. It turns out that Gorki was a spy and was discovered inside his room by the Army Intelligence. However, Gorki pressed a button that activated a remote controlled signal that changed the course of the Orion missile once it was launched. The Orion missile changed its course and headed straight for Manhattan. The Hulk would save Manhattan when he jumped in front of the Orion missile and managed to change its course.   

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