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The Gorgomaids were created by writer Ben Raab and artist Sunny Lee. They first appeared in 2000's Sins of Youth issue of Aquaboy and Lagoon Man.

Major Story Arcs

Turning Back the Tides of Time

Sometime after Black Manta was turned into a sea being by Neron, he'd taken the Gorgomaids on as his consorts. When Aquaman and Lagoon Boy had their ages switched by Klarion, Black Manta had attacked the underwater city of Thierna Na Oge to acquire the mystical staff of Ronal and use it to restore his humanity. Letifos warned the heroes of this and they wound up battling a group of Gorgomaids before they were able to confront Black Manta himself.

God Complex

When Wonder Woman sought the culprit behind the killing of several of her young Wonder Scouts who'd been on a sailboat, she and Aquaman wound up being attacked by a group Gorgomaids who were trying to protect the gravely injured Black Manta, who'd been used by Triton to kill the girls, after which Triton had betrayed him.

Powers & Abilities

Gorgomaids are humanoid octopus creatures that are capable of surviving without any outside assistance at the depths of the ocean. They can transform into a more mermaid-like appearance in order to appear harmless to their opponents and even seduce men with their "feminine wiles". Their tentacles are able to stretch to great lengths in order to ensnare their victims, and prolonged exposure to these can cause paralysis, madness, and eventually even death.

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