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Very little is known about George other than he was a member of the Nasty Boys and his only missions were against the X-Factor. He is also Australian. His arms are longer than normal because he forgot their normal length after getting drunk with the other Nasty Boys. He can do many things with his tar-like body, he once tried to choke Strong Guy by entering his lungs. He was one of the mutants to retain their powers after M-Day.


Gorgeous George created by Peter David and Larry Stroman in 1992 and first appeared in X-Factor # 75.  

Powers & Abilities

Gorgeous George has a body that is extremely stretchy in it's elasticity as he can stretch his tar like body to unbelievable levels and can also turn his entire body into a puddle. Through his powers of elasticity he is very hard to injure, as he can reconstitute parts of his body and can bend to dodge attacks, also he can turn himself extremely slippery so this helps him avoid capture and harm even further.


X-Men The Animated Series

Gorgeous George played a prominent role in this series . He also appeared in X-Men Adventures, a comic which was based on the animated series.

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