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Gordy is an agent of  S.M.I.L.E (Special Military Intelligence Law Enforcement), an American federal agency with vague connections to the CIA and the FBI. He first contacted Luke Cage to have him locate Sally McRae, the young daughter of a Pentagon employee. She had recently run away from home, accidentally taking with her a notebook including access codes to the Pentagon computers. He threatened Cage with being able to shut down Heroes For Hire in case of failure. Since the girl destroyed the notebook rather than have it stolen by enemy agents, the mission was a success for S.M.I.L.E. 
He later had Luke Cage and Iron Fist manipulated into fighting Control 7, an enemy organization, ... for free. He had various agents keep surveillance on his two reluctant allies. This backfired when Colleen Wing mistook them for genuine threats and almost killed them. Cage had to explain they were just "nosy". 
Gordy was at a later point investigating the latest activities of Yellow Claw when Cage demanded help. Iron Fist was undergoing personality changes and needed direction. Gordy had to masquerade as Yu-Ti in order to provide said direction. He also disguised himself as Power Man to attract the fire of John Lumus. A direct shot by Lumus' bazooka failed to penetrate Gordy's force field. He was then able to deactivate the armor of his opponent. 
Gordy was last seen participating in the interrogation of Cage, suspected of murdering Iron Fist. Cage escaped custody and Gordy promised to have S.M.I.L.E. locate him. The storyline was dropped.  
Gordy was equipped with a cellular phone equipped with advanced weaponry. It could generate a force field strong enough to survive bazooka fire. It could short out electronic devices in Gordy's vicinity.He has also been seen using it as a boomerang.


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