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Vampire's allies, the Good Monsters have banded together to battle Warlock and the Evil Monsters.  After they are transformed into miniature monsters, they befriend Jack Miles who attempts to help restore them to their original size.  The Good Monsters consist of Vampire, The Monster, Werewolf, Vampiress, Mummy, Hobgoblin, Jotun Troll, Mad Scientist, Swamp Beast, The Phantom, and Golem.

Other Media:

  • The Good Monsters appear in the animated special "The Big Scream."  However, the number of monsters is cut down to four -- Dr. Davenport (Invisible Man), Big Ed (The Monster), Wolfmon (Werewolf), and Mummy.  They search for famous novelist Edgar Raven, but instead find his daughter, Carrie, who aids them against Vampire, who in the special is a member of the Evil Monsters.
  • The only Good Monsters who appear in "Monster in My Pocket: The Video Game" are Vampire and The Monster.  Hobgoblin appears as an enemy monster.

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