leadervladimir's Superman #28 - Under Fire review

Good Issue

After the events of last issue, Superman finds a mysterious doorway in space which might mean a great threat is coming to Earth. Meanwhile, Lois tries to come to terms with her psychic powers. And what exactly is the Tower?

The Good

I think this issue is off to a good start by showing that Lois still has her telepathy and Superman doesn't know that. If the May solicits are anything to go by, this might be a source of drama for the two. Scott Lobdell is doing a great job so far in trying to develop Clark and Lois as characters.

The story about General Lane and the Tower has got me interested but I'm also worried about how is Lobdell will conclude this story since his run in the title will end with the Doomed saga. I wasn't surprised by Starfire's appearance after I saw her in the April solicits but I want to see what she will do here.

Brett Booth is a welcome addition to the book. He has become one of my favorite artists and his work here is a major plus.

The Bad

I'm really starting to lose interest in Clark's work as a blogger. That story is not going anywhere. If anything, he and Cat should go back to the Daily Planet. Also, Jimmy is back to being Clark's roommate is a comes out of flippin' nowhere. I didn't like it when he became a rich guy, so it might be because I don't like his development on this book.

The Verdict

After everything is said and done, this issue was great. We're getting close to see the end to Lobdell's run and I want to see where this is going.

Posted by Transformers1024

Do you think this is essential to read before the cross over with the Outlaws?

How much of a presence do Arsenal and Starfire have in the issue?


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