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A break from the drama..

The title of this AC Publishing comic says it all.  Good Girl Art.    It doesn't include anything that degrades women, nor are there any sexually suggetive themes.    If you don't care for good girl/cheesecake type of art from the past, you won't like this book and may want to pass it up.  However, if you do like good girl art  of old, this is a must have comic.
While the first story features a brief story involving the AC all-girl super team FemForce, the art falls flat despite the title of this comic.   
Despite that disappointment, the rest of the comic features great re-prints by artists Bill Ward, Matt Baker, and Frank Frazetta just to name a few. Sky Girl and Choo Choo are some timeless humor comic strips with really nice art, and it's interesting to see the clothing and hairstyles (exaggerated) of old.  The good girl art represented is very tastefully done, with plenty of pratfalls and girls just being goofy.   
Bill Ward's Torchy and Frank Frazetta's Looie Lazybones are great and in color.   It's interesting to see Frazetta's comic work, and Ward's Torchy is a classic and he's always been highly sought after by collectors, and his art here showcases why.
The thing with this comic is if you are seeking primarily "modern" good girl/cheesecake art, you won't find it here.  Instead, it is a comic with Golden Age good girl art reprints.  If you do appreciate them, you will very much like this book, if you don't well, you may want to pass this up, BUT I think that would be a disservice.  The masters should be appreciated.   
For good girl art aficionados, this is a must have because re-prints of the old strips are hard and expensive to find.    
It's hard to give a specific rating, because this comic is aimed at males and good girl art fans. If you don't, nothing missed.  Just a good back issue of good girl art to pick up if you're a fan.
Posted by Trodorne

I would rather spend money on the re-prints anyways, you make a good point and its art I would not mind getting my hands on. I just don't have the money on the originals but definitely worth getting into.

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