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Hunter Examanation

Gon Freaks was born and raised on Whale island. When he found out that his father was a hunter by his new and good friend, Kaito, he decides to become a hunter. After getting his aunt's permission he left to take the hunter exam. ever since he left Whale island he was subjected to sub-test to sort out who has even the slightest possibility at becoming hunters. The actual tests were even harder such as running straight for over 80km, heading through a forest were anything can kill you, fighting each other to achieving points by taking their number tag , and a reverse tournament and others. He also made friends with Killua, a boy who is part of a famous assassin's family, the Zoldicks. His arm was broken in the final test but he passed. He then also found out that any information on his father was classified.

The Zoldicks

After having his new best friend hypnotized to kill and fall out of the hunter exam then forced back home, Gon then went the Zoldick family palace to get Killua back. After having his arm completely healed after only 10 days, and a major upgrade in strength do to special training with the gate guard to the Zoldick's mountain house, he was then able to get his friend back. After words Gon and Killua separated from Leorio and Kurapika.

The Tower

They then both went to a famous fighting tower to get money to help find Gon's dad. after getting to the the highest part of the tower, they soon discover they are unable to pass due to a strange aurora that puts pressure on those that can't make their own aurora. They then learn how do nen,which normally takes years they did in two days, they enter the tournament only to find Hisoka, a psychopath that was Gon's target for the number tag stealing test in the hunters exam and an extremely powerful hunter. After fighting with Hisoka, which Gon then lost due to getting hit to much and lost to points. But he was happy because he was able to return the number tag from the exam which he thought he got it in an unfair way and Hisoka told him not to return it until he could hit him as hard as Hisoka could hit him.

Return to Whale Island

After losing to Hisoka but winning a lot of money, they left back for Whale island where Gon's aunt gave him a memento from his father they he asked to give to him if he became a hunter. They then find out that it opens with nen and inside was another box that required a hunters card (a thing of great value, it can provide much more information to any normal person and bought at around 7 billion Jennies[the currency in the manga]). Inside the smaller box they find a tape recorder, a ROM card for a JoyStation, and a ring. The tape is a recording of his father where he says, "I don't want to see you, I'll run if I know you're close. Catch me. you're a hunter too, right?". He was then asked if wanted to know about his mother, but he stop the tape and said that his aunt was his mother. The tape was then completely erased with a nen ability that was left in the tape.

York Shin and The Spiders

They then find out that the ROM card is for a game called Greed Island. When they try to find out more, they find it is a game playable only by hunters, and there were only 100 made. They are extremely rare and valuable, they later find out that it will be auctioned at a famous auction. They then try to raise money by using nen to find and buy cheap but rare items at silent auction market to raise money to buy the game. But it wasn't enough they then they called Leorio to help them raise money and he devised a plan to get hired as bounty hunters. It worked and they were then asked to find and bring back dead or alive of the people that were listed. They later find out that they were actually the Phantom Brigade (referred to commonly as the Spiders as they are ranked with spider tattoos with numbers in them, the lowest being the strongest. They then team up with Kurapika who was actually a body guard for a girl with a nen ability to predict the future, in order to find the Spiders because they slaughtered his clan for their scarlet eyes. Kurapika was able to kill the second weakest Spider with ease, though exhausted afterwords, and was successfully able to seal off the leaders nen ability with his own, if the leader uses his nen he will be instantly killed. they then were able to return the stolen items that the Spiders stole form the auction back to the auction.

How to Get to Greed Island

Though they raised a lot of money they were out bought by a man who is trying to buy all the games and hiring hunters to beat the games. Gon and Killua then try to get hired, but are turned away because they were told they weren't strong enough. They then learn that they need a nen ability to become stronger, so they returned to Whale island to try to make a nen ability. After a few days of coming up with nen abilities and training, Gon coming up with a way to dramatically increase his physical punching ability with nen and Killua turned his nen into electricity. They then tryout for the job position and by showing their nen abilities they are accepted right away. After being explained by how the game works, like how you are transported into the game or how if you die there you come back dead, you know, how normal games are played. The rest of the people then decide to d o rock/paper/scissors to see what order they go in, Gon won as he always does.

Welcome to Greed Island

He is then transported to a high tech-looking hallway which lead to a room where a girl asked if he wanted to be explained how to play the game. he said yes and was then told that the games uses books which can be summoned by saying book while having the ring on (the ring which he already had because it was in the box that his father left). The book was used to store cards, which there are two types: common cards and number cards. Common cards are used for any thing, from fighting to every day items. Number cards had unique abilities and when 99 are gathered they have a chance to win number 000. They are also ranked by letter by the difficulty of retrival. When all cards are owned the game is beat and the winner is given a special prize. But if a card remains out of the book for too long it is turned back into it's origanal state and won't be counted as number card any more so you would have to re-get the card to actually win the game. And also there was a limited number of numbered cards, so if all of them were reverted to their original state the game is unbeatable. Gon, of course, is completely confused and doesn't know what the hell she's talking about. He then is asked if he wants to use the saved data from his ROM card, he says yes and is played another recording from his father which basically says that if he wants to find a clue about his whereabouts, he would find nothing there, he just wanted to show him the awesome game he created. He then leaves the room and into a large prarie where he waits for Killua to come.

Greed Island

After Killua came out of the room and into the prairie, they left in the same direction as everyone else. They were then ambushed and Killua is affected with a card's ability. After the man ran away after being intimidated by the boys, they continued to a town where they found a dead man blown apart, the man was then transported away and they figured he was a player. After being explained that there was a PKer PKing every other player in order for the cards to have less limitation, they were offered to join a group of many people trying to beat the game then, depending on the card contribution, they would split the prize. They denied because Gon wanted to do what his father wanted him to, play the game he made. After going through a forest and helping some NPC ninjas, they are confronted with a little girl who was watching them. whe then expains that her name is Biscuit Krueger and she wants to train them. They turned her down but accept when they find out shes old and was there master's master. They were trained in mainly how to use their nen by going strait to a town by digging through a mountains, sleeping while holding boulders above their head, fighting a psychopathic serial killer, using nen to see what nen Biscuit made with nen loser gets punishment, and extending upon Gon's nen ability while Killua goes back to earth to do the hunter's exam. Gon is then able to make a weak nen-knife (scissors), and weak nen projectile(paper), dramaticly increased his his original ability (rock), and is now able to almost able to completely control his nen distribution.

Playing Greed Island

After they finished the basic training, they now try to gather all there cards. they first get almost all cards b-rank and below. They then decide to use all their cards that returns them to earth to trade with people with rare cards that don't want to play. Then they start to trade with others to get cards by using a card in it's original form any frauds given would be fond out so they were never ripped off. After getting all the cards they can by themselves they ally themselves to the large group that they were offered help from earlier to get the cards before bomber, the person who is PKing everyone. After they are Gon, Killua, and Biscuit traded infromation they had for rare cards, they join forces to achieve cards. Both Groups both only needed to have a few cards left, the large group already figured were the other cards they just really needed one card, Coastline of Tsubo.

Razor and His Fourteen Devils

After transporting to the town were they're sure that the card is, and a few hours of asking NPCs, they find out that if they get rid of Razor and his fourteen devils she would tell them where the card was. They then find a few of his fourteen devils and easily beat him, they then take them to Razor where they're asked to complete a series of fifteen competitions that are based on different sports. Gon, Killua, and Biscuit decide it is impossible to win because they had just a bunch of horrible people and would come back with better people. They come back with a few people that they just met, Hisoka (who was pretending to be the leader of the Spiders), and the rich man's whose hiring them body guard and his companions. After being at 7-7 they decided to change the last challenge from volley ball to dodge ball. before the match Razor had executed one his devil, and explains that they are all death row convicts and he himself was one too. He also said that he is a GM and knew Gon's father and that he told him to not hold back against his son if he ever came here.. He then summoned fifteen nen creatures and they dicovered that these were the actual fourteen devils (plus ref.) After the match in which Gon and company won with major injuries including broken fingers, hands, and ribs, they retrieve the card and then separate to take-on the bomber in their own ways.

Powers and Abilities

Gon is an Enhancer type Nen user, meaning he excels at physical power and healing abilities. Gon is frequently seen with animals and has a great affinity with them. Gon's Nen ability is "Jajanken", a play on the Japanese word for Rock, Paper Scissors. Gon can focus his aura into three seperate types of attacks though this comes at two major weaknesses. First the time it takes to charge the attack makes Gon vulnerable and second concentrating his aura into his hand decreases his defensive powers. Gon can use this power for a quick fake out though. Charging the attack and then dropping it to make a quick hit though this still uses a lot of energy.

  • Enhanced senses: Gon has often been compared to a dog with his strong sense of smell and keen eye sight.
  • Enhanced strength: Even before learning Nen to boost his physical traits Gon could effortlessly break open a gate weighing 4 tons. After learning Nen he was able to punch a Chimera Ant(size of a human) into another country.
  • Enhanced speed and reflexes: Gon has been compared to Killua in terms of speed(when Killua isn't enhanced with Nen). Gon early in the series when fighting Hisoka could make multiple afterimages of himself he was so fast. When in his adult form he was able to effortlessly dodge Neferpitou's attack from behind.
  • High pain tolerance:One of Gon's most amazing traits is appearing almost impervious to pain. He will do whatever it takes to when as shjown when he sacraficed when of his hands to defeat Genthru. He also showed no sign of pain when his arm was severed by Pitou in his adult form.
  • Advanced hand-to-hand combat: Gon for most of the series has greatly relied on his skills alone using fists rather than weapons. Even when fighting Hisoka in close quarters combat he proved how excellent he was even making Hisoka announce he underestimated Gon's abilities.


Jajanken Rock - Gon charges his aura into his fist and releases the power in a close range punch. This is his most powerful attack and draws heavily from his enhancement Nen.

Jajanken Scissors - Gon forms his two fingers into a pistol shape and releases a Nen blade from hsi finger tips. This attack is his mid range variant and can cut through what Jajanken Rock cannot. Since this technique draws from Emission Nen, Gon has a harder time forming this attack.

Jajanken Paper - Gon is able to fore a small blast of Nen energy from the palm of his hand. This is his long range attack. Since this ability draws from Emission Nen, Gon has a harder time controlling it though this attack is quite useful as a pincer type attack.

Unknown Transformation - An unknown transformation that puts Gon's power equal to the Chimera Ant King. Gon becomes noticeable older, with longer hair and an extreme level of power. This ability has an unknown, but tremendous cost to it.

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