Oh how I miss them...

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The Gargoyles were such a great story, I always made sure I caught it when I was little. But that was so long ago, I can hardly remember plot-lines and characters. Goliath was a great leader though, and I totally loved how none of them had names until they named themselves in the first episode ^_^ So amazing, I wish it'd come back

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You know anyone who responds to this would be greatly appreciated. I love talking about the gargoyles... though I guess not many people check this page...

ok, none but I do XD clearly.

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@Silenttiger43:  I loved the Gargoyles tv show  :/ 
I miss it.
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i love the gargoyles also :D...but you gotta admit it had a lil TMNT feel to it lol

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I thought Gargoyles was great but I forget a lot of it too. I remember how surprised I was when I found out it was Disney. I thought 'this cool, dark cartoon is DISNEY?' That's why I'm not to worried about the merger.

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@jloneblackheart:  Exactly! I felt the same way.  The whole, monsters, medieval and dark tone was completely different from the stereotypical image of Disney, which is why I loved it.
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Disney had released season one and season two part one on DVD but according to sales they discontinued the DVDs and literally stopped it half way through the series. I absolutely love the gargoyles and wished Disney had at least half a mind to at least finish its DVD release since its difficult to find the second half of the show in good quality (obvious reason).

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Weisman at his best...

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