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Golgotha was created by John Byrne and first appeared in issue one of Danger Unlimited, of February 1994. "Golgotha" is mentioned in the Bible as the name of the hill on which Jesus was crucified. Roughly translated, it means "place of skull".

Major Story Arcs

The Phoenix Agenda

Golgotha was one of Nazi Germany's greatest weapons during the Second World War, reporting directly to Hitler. He was an opponent of the Torch of Liberty, and in an unrecorded encounter, also met Doctor Carson (later known as Doc Danger). His fate at the end of war is unknown, but about twenty years afterwords, he resurfaced and battled Danger Unlimited. That encounter ended when Thermal melted a steel floor out from under him. Protected by his force field bubble, Golgotha sank into the molten liquid, and was then entombed when Thermal cooled the steel back down, solidifying it.

Trio - This Ancient Evil

Golgotha has since managed to resurface after being inadvertently transported to the present day by an energy experiment at a technology corporation's lab. He was furious when he learned that the Nazis had lost World War II, being especially resentful towards Hitler for his failures. Golgotha then decided to no longer affiliate himself with the failures of the past and smashed the swastika insignia on his chest, instead vowing to make the world fear the name of Golgotha!

Powers & Abilities

Golgotha has access to immense energy reserves, allowing him to do things like fire destructive energy blasts from his mechanical hand, project force fields, as well as fly through the use of his energy blasts.

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