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The ruthlessness of Golgoth

Beginning with the invasion of Australia Golgoth had a ten year timetable to conquer the world. That timetable was accelerated when he discovered and mastered teleportation technology, effectively allowing him to place his troops anywhere at anytime. Needless to say such an advantage allowed him to swiftly conquer much of the world. In the years that followed his Empire flourished with Golgoth as its Emperor and a "loyal" cadre of villains who head various Ministries within its structure, managing transporation, information, torture and the like. He has a teenage daughter called Delfi that he treasures above all else in his Empire and indeed the world. She is shielded from the grim and bloody nature of her father's rule. He ensures the continued loyalty of his Ministers through a ritualistic partaking of a drug called Eucharist; given out in a ceremony every fortnight it amplies the natural abilities of its user tenfold. Of course the effects are so extreme that those who use it quickly grow addicted, ensuring they remain loyal to Golgoth if not for him then for the fact he is the distributor.

Golgoth conquering New Zealand
Following the successful conquering of New Zealand Golgoth returns to his citadel where Sebirus, his Domestic Advisor, has concerns regarding rumours of a hired killer threatening to strike at the Emperor. Golgoth is dismissive of the rumours and angry Sebirus is probing into the matter. He is more concerned with the Greenland situation. A country hitherto with nothing to offer the Empire, Golgoth's engineers have developed a method to extract the vast oil deposits beneath the country greatly enhancing its global importance. In the feast held to celebrate the new alliance between Greenland and the Empire Sebirus' paranoia hits dangerous levels and he guns down a dignitary who was reaching for something in his pocket. When that something is revealed to be a gift for the Emperor, Sebirus realizes the only way someone could hurt Golgoth was through Delfi. He rushes to her quarters, breaking down the door to discover a dismembered corpse within.Golgth reveals he had known for some days that the assassin would target Delfi and dealt with the matter personally. Sebirus is relieved, though Golgoth is furious with him. His constant probing into the matter undermined the image of Golgoth being all knowing and all seeing, that every single aspect of his regime is under his control. He kills Sebirus with an energy/heat blast and orders the quarters to be cleaned before his daughter returns. After giving orders not to inform Delfi of Sebirus' death until the morning, matter he would handle personally, Golgoth teleports to his private quarters, smashing a table in a rage, revealing he truly did not wish to kill Sebirus. 

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