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GOLDEN LAD only ran for five issues, and the books each had a single story with the title character. But in the final issue, there was a story in which several high school classmates of Tommy Preston wondered about the famous hero. The three girls puzzled over who each would take to the upcoming dance, and commented that Tommy didn't seem interested in going, because he was stuck up and hinting he knew the famous hero, Golden Lad. The girls knew he even carried a little metal heart. One girl, Peggy Shane headed over to the antique shop where Tommy worked to investigate her suspicions that her school friend might know the hero. As she arrived, she saw Tommy leaving, and he dropped the little metal heart as he was going along. Tommy picked it up, but Peggy discovered a tiny pice of metal that had broken off the Heart of Gold. This small part of the Aztec artifact was enough to allow her to transform into Golden Girl, woth powers similar to her counterpart. She had an adventure in which she foiled the schenme of some phoney cops to rob a department store, and in the last panel it was promised that she would appear again in the next issue of GOLDEN LAD. Alas, it wasn't to be. There was never another issue, and Peggy Shane never appeared again as Golden Girl.

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