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In the 1840`s an Engishman was crushed by an alien spaceship that came from a battle with the planet Rajaki and Ultimo .Battered by meteors ,they both crashed landed on Earth .The ships people and   Sapper ,an alien cyborb transfered the man`s mind into a robot and he became Golden Blade .The Rajaki beings consciousness was uploaded into the ship so they could create robotic bodies for them as well .They started to steal materials and energy from a   US Aircraft Carrier Halsey when Ms.Marvel appeared and briefy battled them .Damaged from the battle they escaped to rebuilt themselves .Later they again attacked a Navy Submarine but this time was confronted by a drunk Warbird and Iron Man .As the battle raged Warbird caused a massive explosion and Sapper and Golden Blade escaped again.Unaware that Ultimo was using a Stark/Fujikawa ship as an energy source ,Golden Blade and Sapper drained energy from the system that held Ultimo inert thus releasing him.Sapper and Ultimo helped evcuate the crew from the ship as Ultimo rose and Iron Man arrived .All three joined forces to stop Ultimo who was headed to Sapper`s ship to destroy the Rajaki survivors .They were successful in redering Ultimo inert again and Iron Man allowed them to drain enough energy to power their ship .As they left the Earth they  thanked Iron Man for his help . 

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