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MOM#3 Special ROBOT issue! The sexy and voluptuous Phantom Lady takes on the "Case Of The Robbing Robots", from Fox Features' Phantom Lady #22, February, 1949- as drawn by that great EC Comics artist, Jack Kamen. Bob Powell launches Magazine Enterprises' Avenger against "The Robot Robber!" wherin a criminal forces a scientist to use his incredible automaton to commit crimes in this tale initially printed in The Avenger #3, June-July, 1955. Gigantic mechanical remote controlled spiders snare airliners in their "Sky Web!" until the phenomenal Captain Flash applies his atomic power to crushing the robot army, as seen in this 1955 Sterling Comics thriller by Mike Sekowsky, and Dan Barry puts Commando Yank against "The Bat Wings Of Doom", an eerie tale from WWII where Japanese agents employ vampires in this piece from a 1940's issue of Wow. Mort Meskin goes solo on the art chores when Golden Lad must face "The Menace Of The Minstral", from the Spark Publication's Golden Lad #4, April of 1946, and The Ghost Rider meets "He Who Laughs" by Carl Memley and Dick Ayers, straight out of M. E.'s Redmask #50, 1955. And Roy Thomas, who revived countless Golden Age characters at Marvel and DC, writes retro "history" teaming up Black Terror, Phantom Lady, Commando Yank and Captain Flash in the exciting "Story Behind The Cover" feature continued from MOM#2. Color cover by Dick Ayers, interiors are black and white with graytones. 52-page standard comic book format.







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