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Following in the footsteps of our first two OGG-themed Golden Age Greats Spotlights (Volume’s 8 and 12), we’ve got another full 140 pages of vintage glamor art reprints from the classic comic books of the 1940′s and ’50′s; this issue with a special focus on the girls of Fiction House Comics, the publisher MOST associated with GGA. Included in this volume are full-story reprints starring jungle girl CAMILLA illustrated by Ralph Mayo, FIREHAIR; MITZI of the MOVIES by the great Matt Baker; an early GLORY FORBES by talented lady illustrator Regina Levander; PATSY PINUP; Native American heroine STARLIGHT by Ralph Mayo; plus a trio of stories prominently featuring the girl friends/female co-stars of several male heroes like STAR PIRATE by Murhy Anderson; Lyssa from LOST WORLD by George Evans, and Ann, KA’ANGA’s mate in a beautiful story delineated by Maurice Whitman. If you’ve ever wondered why Fiction House was infamous for their cheesecake art, this volume will make it VERY apparent!! But that’s not all- their are also a pair of stories by teen-glamor specialist Jerry Fasano- GINNY and JUST GIRLS, both from Eastern Color’s late-’40′s teen humor title, Sugarbowl. ‘Bet you’ve never seen THESE characters before. That master of drawing gorgeous girls Bob Powell is represented with a pair of offerings: one starring the etherial lady storytelling known as The WEAVER, and a wartime romance/glamor tale titled “Got A Match”- both showcasing Powell at his best. Standard/Nedor’s resident jungle girl from Startling Comics- TYGRA- is here as well, in a feature-length adventure drawn by future Supergirl artist Artie Saaf. Quality Comics’ distaff undercover cop SALLY O’NEIL makes an appearance, in a well-drawn adventure from an early issue of National Comics as done by the underrated Al Bryant; plus another Quality cutey- the quintessential GGA star TORCHY, in a classic caper produced by her legendary creator Bill Ward. And one can’t explore late-1940′s girl art and not include something from Fox Features, so there is also an episode of their blonde jungle babe, TANGI- drawn by the great Jack Kamen. Finally, a pair of stories starring Alax/Farrell tropical goddess VOODA- one a reworked SOUTH SEAS GIRL story drawn by Matt Baker!! Add it all up and it comes to a full 140 pages of top-quality classic comic-book pulchritude in crystal-clear black and white , with a full-color Alex Schomburg cover, at standard comic-book size, saddle-stitched, for $29.95. If you a a fanatic for vintage “good girl” art comics, you can’t miss this one!!

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