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Heroes Versus Villains!! Some of the most memorable clashes between your favorite Golden Age heroes and their arch-nemesis play out the theme of this issue, as we see some of the most titanic battles in comicdom reprinted straight out of the 1940′s and ’50′s. You’ll see Cat-Man and Kitten against the unstoppable Dr. Macabre, from their last G.A. meeting, in Holyoke’s Cat-man #32, drawn by Max Elkans; Captain Flash duels with The Mirror Man,as illustrated by Mike Sekowsky, from Captain Flash #1, from Sterling Comics; M. E.’s The Avenger and The Player tussle in “The Playtime Perils”, rendered by Bob Powell for The Avenger #4, 1944; Crimebuster meets “Iron Jaw’s Twin”, by Hi Mankin, originally seen in Lev Gleason’s Boy Illustories #79, 1952; Frankenstein meets Bulldog Denny, drawn by Dick Briefer, from Prize #13, August of 1941; Don Winslow in “The Return Of Singapore Sal” , by Carl Pfeufer and Jordan, from Don Winslow Of The Navy #51 from Fawcett Publications , Daredevil vs. The Claw, by Jack (Plasticman) Cole, from Silver Streak #10, when it was still owned by New Friday Pubs. Supermouse against Terrible Tom in “Deep Freezer Squeeze”, from Pines’ Super Mouse Summer Giant #2, 1958, and Ibis The Invincible faces “The Menace Of Gog And Magog”. Aside from eight pages of historical text to give background and put all the stories into context, it’s an all-action, nine-story slugfest of the highest-quality vintage reprints you’ll ever find.Color cover, interiors are black and white with graytones . 84 pages, squarebound trade paperback format, standard comic book size.

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