why do you think so many people lowball?

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dbz characters get lowballed more often than any other characters in my experience. why is this? why do you think they get so little respect?

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DBZ fanboys that's why.

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anybody else? it seems to me that Western comic readers generally have very little respect for anime or manga in general

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because theyview them as inferior

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First of all - this is a COMIC site. People are going to be bias towards COMICS. If you want bias towards manga/anime...try animevice.

Second - People high ball DBZ just as often as they lowball.

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@sog7dc: I actually see DBZ characters getting (vastly)overrated/highballed, far more often than I see them being lowballed.

And often, when the people arguing for DBZ thinks the characters are being lowballed, it's a case of the "lowballers" talking about, and referring to, the manga, where most DBZ fans tend to prefer using the anime(where the characters are more powerful).

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Well, manga logic is different than comic book logic, and they have weird powerscales to represent how absolute the characters are, without concern for how someone that powerful could ever actually be in a tough spot after, I don't know, leveling a mountain by parrying an attack (sic).

But this is not a bad thing, it's just different. Some western readers are not into that, but they just can't get that even though they don't like it doesn't mean that it doesn't make sense.

But for the same reason I think that comparing manga's and comic book's powerscale is ridicolous. It's a different conception.

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